• To provide unlimited public access to African drumming, singing, dancing, poetry, drama and story telling.
  •   To enrich the lives of kids, teenagers, and adults in our community by exposing them to African Arts. Also one of the goals of Africa Tam-Tam is to create workshops for kids, adult and seniors our community. This will create a forum for African drumming, singing dancing and African drama and deter students from using drugs.
  • To educate the public about traditional African cultures, its values and customs.
  • To assist in creating curriculum for schools through art integration relating to cultures and values of African heritage and tradition.
  • To bring live traditional African entertainment as a form of therapy to the community through traditional Africa drumming, singing, dancing, drama, which relieves stress and is also a good form of exercise.
  • To bring FREE live traditional African entertainment in fund raising events that are educational or economically, and socially beneficial to our community.



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